Jason & Abigail's Wedding

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In May of 2006 my friends, Jason & Abigail, got married in

Italy.  It was a truly awesome weeklong party, capped off

by a beautiful wedding and reception fit for a movie.

In total, about 40 people came to Italy to join the

celebration.  We stayed in 3 villas on Lago Trasimeno in the

Umbria region of Italy.  The wedding took place a short

distance away in Tuscany at the courthouse in Cortona,


I was honored to serve as Abigail's witness at the wedding.

Serving as a witness in an Italian wedding ceremony

primarily involved signing an affidavit in the presence of an

Italian magistrate affirming that Abigail has never

participated in such unsavory practices as killing her

previous spouses and the like.  Those crazy Italians!

Before leaving Italy, a few of us were able to spend one

night in Rome.

It was an awesome trip!