Cabbagetown Chomp & Stomp 2008

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Last year, we entered the Cabbagetown Chomp &

Stomp...and placed pretty poorly.

This year, we combined efforts to create one, single,

awesome, invincible team...COBRA KAI!  We entered two

chilies from our team:

WAX ON: Veggie Chili

WAX OFF: Turkey Tomatillo Chili

Our WAX OFF Turkey Chili won 3rd Place!!!!  That's right!

No Mercy!

A very few of these pictures were taken by me, but the

really good ones were take by our official team Cobra Kai

photographer, Steve Du.  Thanks Steve for letting me use

them!  If you want to see more of Steve's excellent photos

from the Stomp,  you can view them here.