Donovan & Harley

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On February 7, 2009 I adopted Donovan from Furkids animal

rescue.  Donovan is a 9 month old orange tabby who was

dumped at Furkids when he was only about 4 weeks old.

When I met him at the shelter, he was an extremely

outgoing and lovable little guy, but his integration into his

new "forever home" was a little stressful.

Donovan went straight under my bed when I got him

home...and didn't so much as poke a whisker out for 3 days.

Not to eat, not to use the bathroom, not to drink

water...nothing.  Finally, 3 days later, he emerged.

After his rough start, Donovan has blossomed into an

adorable little snuggle kitty. He is a bit of a mama's boy,

but I don't mind that one bit.

Next, the search began for new kitty #2.  I had always

intended to get two kitties, but the other kitty I was

interested in when I found Donovan was already spoken for.

On February 28, 2009, I brought Harley home.

Harley is a 10 month old black and white tuxedo, and he's

had a tough life.  He was rescued by Furkids in October

2008 after suffering some pretty severe abuse as a kitten.

You would never know it to meet him, as he is the

sweetest, most trusting kitty you can imagine. On the car

ride home, he just laid in his carrier and purred.

There was no hiding under the bed for Harley.  He made

himself right at home the second he emerged from the

carrier.  And Donovan?  Donovan could hardly contain his

excitement when he saw Harley.  He is absolutely crazy

about him.

As Harley has gotten more used to his "forever home," he

has begun to live up to the reputation he earned at Furkids.

That being, "he's like a teenager, with ADD, on crack."  So

true!  Harley is a handful.  But an awesome and adorable

handful!! kitty quota has been filled.  Here are the boys!