Rio in 2007

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While were partying in Italy for Jason & Abigail's wedding,

someone suggested that we should all go to Rio the

following year.

So we did!

We rented two houses in Niteroi on Itacoatiara Beach, about

45 minutes from downtown Rio.  Abigail found the houses at they were amazing.  Steve, who

owns both houses, and his staff were the absolute best.

They took care of absolutely everything for us, down to the

tiniest detail, and it seemed like they were on call 24-7.

Gotta give a HUGE shout out to our driver, Alfredo!  His

ability to always, always be right there (no matter where

we were) whenever we needed him was uncanny, and he

looks exactly like Tommy Lee Jones...which is really cool.

Oh yeah...Steve looks like Milton Waddams from Office

Space...and that's cool too!

If you ever want to visit Rio (and I highly recommend it),

check out Rio Holiday.  They really are the best!